SkyPos: Real-World Evaluation of Self-Positioning with Aircraft Signals for IoT Devices


Positioning based on aircraft signals has been proposed as an alternative to satellite-based positioning systems (e.g. GPS). However, so far, no deployment of this technique exists, and the real-world performance remains unclear. This paper contributes at better understanding the performance tradeoffs under realistic conditions. We implement SkyPos, a localization system for GPS-denied areas or location integrity that opportunistically uses the large availability of aircraft signals to self-localize receivers. We analyze SkyPos with data collected from hundreds of sensors and thousands of aircraft around Europe. Our results show that we can achieve median accuracy down to 10 m in seconds, enabling almost real-time positioning or location verification using aircraft signals at scale

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
Yago Lizarribar Carrillo
Yago Lizarribar Carrillo
PhD Student

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